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Calhoun County No-Kill Shelter

Black LogoThe League for Animal Welfare was founded in 1985 with a conversation and a desire to help animals that have been mostly forgotten. After retiring from the U.S. Arm one of our co-founders, Betty Benson, decided that saving the animals in the Calhoun County, Alabama area was her next mission in life. Ms. Benson created a no-kill shelter so the animals rescued would be spared. Through years of hard work and dedication The League has become a place that animals are safe until they can find their forever homes. 
Heather Wilson, the newest Director of the facility, agreed to pick up the torch and lead the League in 2020. She has worked hard to further develop this no-kill shelter into a fast paced rescue and adoption center for Calhoun County and the cities within. Mrs. Wilson has dedicated herself to streamlining the process to help the animals find home more rapidly and to get the public more engaged with LAW. 
If you think you can help please donate your time, items, or financial support to the League of Animal Welfare to help us keep honoring our promises to the animals that need us most. 

LAW Mission Statement

No-kill shelter for animalsThe League for Animal Welfare (LAW) is a small non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides a no-kill shelter and care to companion animal is in Calhoun County, Alabama until suitable homes can be found for them.  In operation as a non-profit since 1988, the League for Animal Welfare is a No-Kill facility, and is dedicated to finding permanent and loving homes for the cats, dogs, and various other animals that are in our care. We provide a safe haven for animals in transition, work to end animal overpopulation, and educate the public about compassion and responsibility towards all animals. 

LAW serves a geographic area population of approximately 115,000 people.  We accept roughly 250 surrendered animal annually within Calhoun County. We accept all ages from puppies and kittens to seniors. At any given time we have an in-shelter population of 20-30 dogs/puppies, 10-15 cats/kittens, and the occasional bird or small animal. A significant portion of the dog population are seniors who we take in with the expectation that they will be allowed to spend their remaining years at this facility if no appropriate home is found. Every animal at the Hague is treated with respect, kindness, and compassion throughout their stay with us. These stays can range from one week to more than a year.

Our practices are consistent with the belief that each animal in our care deserves a chance to be adopted into a new home. We go to great lengths to ensure that the animals we receive are healthy and of appropriate temperament for the adoptive home to which they are doing. We are committed to giving every adoptable animal “as long as it takes” in order to find the new home that they deserve. 

The League is supported by and reliant upon individual and corporate donations. adoption fees, fundraisers, estate gifts, and grants to cover expenses for all our animals’ needs. LAW is supported by great volunteers who work on shelter projects, foster at-risk animals, and assist with fundraising activities. We also have an enthusiastic Facebook following of animal lovers. 

The League for Animal Welfare
2726 Bynum Leatherwood Rd 
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The League for Animal Welfare is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Anniston, Alabama. We provide a no-kill sanctuary for homeless animals; provide adoption, and provide veterinary care for all rescues.

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