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The League for Animal Welfare

The League for Animal Welfare was founded in 1985 by Betty Benson. The League was started, and remains, a no kill shelter in Calhoun County, Alabama. Being a no kill shelter can be challenging at times because there are so many animals that need to be rescued but there are only a limited amount of spaces in the facility. 

We work to provide a safe haven for the animals until they are able to meet their future human families. Each animal understands the feeling of being alone so it is our purpose to make their stay with us smooth and as fun as we can make it. 

Emergency Cases 

The League for Animal Welfare works with local law enforcement in cases of animal emergencies. When we use the term emergency we are talking about animal hording, animal abuse, and other severe cases where a the police are involved and animals need our help. 

We only take in these types of cases when law enforcement contacts us directly and provides their information prior to the League conducting an intake of new cases. This service is not available to the public so if you believe there is an emergency, contact law enforcement and allow them to investigate. 

Rescue puppyFoster’s Needed 

In order to be able to help the animals we also need our human counterparts. We accept animals when we have open areas but have to stop when we reach capacity. This is where you can help.

If you would like to learn how to be a foster home for a rescue please contact us and we will walk you through the process. Fostering allows the animals to remain in close contact with humans while we search for a permanent home. Foster’s help to teach the animals and save more furry lives. learn more→

Dog with ballOther Ways to Help

There are many ways to help the rescued animals that are at the League. We are always in need of a wide variety of items such as dog food, cat food, toys, cleaning supplies, and financial support. 

We are a non-profit that does not generate a lot of income and do need the help of other animal lovers and community minded people. If you would like to help in any way just give us a call or check our “wish list” page to see what we are in need of most.  learn more→ 

Book Sale

We are having our book sale. All proceeds go to supporting the animals of the League.  We have thousands of books, both hardback and paperback.

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The League for Animal Welfare
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The League for Animal Welfare is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Anniston, Alabama. We provide a no-kill sanctuary for homeless animals; provide adoption, and provide veterinary care for all rescues.

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